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Benny Albright

Native of Arizona

Hobbies include outdoor time with family, camping, backpacking, archery, hiking, gardening & cooking


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Chef / Coordinator

Carrie Mitchell

Has lived in AZ over 22 years.

Hobbies include cooking, hiking, camping, church & family time



Kelan Smith

Has lived in AZ 20 years

Hobbies include Camping, hiking, and visiting National Parks


Travis kayaking.jpg

Travis Albright


Native of Arizona

Hobbies include reading large leather bound books, sipping brandy by the fire and of course my exotic game hunting around the world.


Jacob Stern

Coordinator / Kitchen Asst

Native of Arizona

Hobbies include wondering the desert living on the land only surfacing to produce the next chapter of his profound memoirs.


Shannon Ockermann

Coordinator / Kitchen Asst

Lived in AZ 10 over 10 years

Hobbies include infiltrating underground societies and cults to expose their hidden agendas.

Who we are


Our team of adventure lovers, hiking enthusiasts, chefs, event coordinators and local venues have come together to create some amazing ways to experience Arizona. While we aren't all from AZ, we definitely share a love of the state and the beauty there is to discover.    Please take a minute to briefly meet the team.

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